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” When He Can’t Be, She’ll Take Care Of You”…funny, as much as I missed painting, it made me think of other things I’ve missed such as a seeing a good friend of mine. This is for her. (Unfinished)

When He Can'y Be, She'll Take Care Of You

“When He Can’t, She’ll Take Care Of You” UNFINISHED acrylic on 2′ x 3′ canvas


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I know a collector of these Kidrobot Dunny Toys so for Christmas I decided to paint him a painting of  him putting his South Park Dunnies on his shelf instead of actually adding to the collection. I also thought it would be funny to have a much larger Munny Toy standing boldly before the toys because the expressions on the South Park toys is “oh crap!” (a play off of Toy Story and every other movie where the toys come to life) I painted it on wood using Ink and Acrylics/ Wood Varnish.

The Initial Idea : Sketch

South Park is on the Wrong Shelf : acrylic/ink on wood

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The year 2006. I went to Paris for the first time. I fell in love with the culture, the city, the vibe, the art, the music, the food, the feeling, the…everything Paris was made of…and when I left, I think tears rolled off this cheek of mine because I did not want to leave this beautiful, magical, romantic place I call the verbal heaven.  A few months ago I was just laying in my bed listening to a mix I had in iTunes and Dent May’s song “Oh Paris” began to play and that feeling came back to me, so instead of tearing up, I decided to paint to the song with my emotions leaving Paris that day in 2006. One day I know I will make it back there, even if a zombie apocalypse breaks out.

Dent May: Oh Paris!

"Oh Paris, you've really done something to me, you and I seem to agree here tonight"

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When I think of Life Aquatic, I think of happiness. Awkward happiness. This particular painting I made not because I am a huge Bill Murray & Jeff Goldblum/ Wes Anderson fan but more for the sentimental side of me. It was a gift to my sweet sweet penis machine, a.k.a my lover boy. This was one of the first movies we watched together while eating gummie worms, awkwardly getting to know each other through semi-questionable giggles. I remember thinking to myself “if he likes Bill Murray and Jeff Goldblum as much as I do, I think he is going to last longer than a Wes Anderson related one-night stand ”  and I was right, he could recite quotes from the movie and I learned not only is he awesome, but also, that I’m effing easy!

Zissou Eating Gummie Sharks

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Yes! Like every other hipster in Philadelphia, I absolutely adore the Beatles, but I did not do this one for me. A friend of mine has a dumb Beagle whom I love to death. His name is Toby (named after Toby from the office, and yes, the personality match is almost exact) Anyways, my friend is also a Beatles fan and commissioned me to paint for him a Beatles Beagles painting. I said, “Fuck Yes I Can Do That For You”

Inspired by these pictures I have in my living room:

Beatles Umbrella Photo

I came up with this painting (using all of Toby’s faces for each Beatle expression)

Beatles Beagles

I know this is a weird image of the painting, a better one to come once I remember to take a picture of it next time I am over my friends house! It’s been a hard days night and I’ve been working like a dog.

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I found this oldish wood shelf in a basement that was cut into four pieces and decided they would make great smooth canvases for painting on. As I am starring at them trying to think of what I could paint I notice I am surrounded by dusty-ass x-mas decorations so I decided it be neat to paint the look on a kids face when he opens a gift and sees all of the glory of not getting what he asked Santa for. I used acrylic paint with ink and coated the panting with Polyurtrane for an extra glossy look.

Santa F#@!ed Up!

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