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Hand-Made Coasters in Action! (see below for details) Thanks to Krista for being my hand model!

For my next Zinefest event I am making coasters! I have printed out laser prints of some sketches and paintings I have done recently, went to Home Depot and purchased tiles for 16 cent each, purchased chemicals to make epoxy resin and WAH-LAH! Coasters they have become! I find it fun to make crafts after work,  life is a bitch unless you know how to keep that bitch in line! (just kidding!) Hope you enjoy, I took some photos during the process to show how easy & fun it is!

Step One: Print, Paste and Prepare for Epoxyness

Step 2: Mix and Apply Epoxyness and Resin to tiles

Step 3: Blow out bubbles with straw, let dry for hours and hours, when dry stick cabinet pads to the bottom and BAM! Use the damn coasters 🙂


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Today in the North East it is rainy. Rain drops all over! Days like this are awesome because it makes me want to finish up some paintings. Take advantage of the gloom.

Every Time A Cruise Ships Sinks A Mermaid Get’s New Martini Glasses (unfinished) Acrylic on canvas
24″ x 36″

Every Time A Cruise Ship Sinks A Mermaid Gets New Martini Glasses (almost finished)

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On rainy days, my favorite thing to do besides pucker up & get kisses from my honey, is to put on some of my favorite tunes and just doodle. I never know what will come out of it when I start, but somehow my brain will focus on a certain verse or line in a song and it will entitle my pen to just make that lyric come to life, and by life I mean become a physical vision. Music is pretty much my lifelong friend, the truth behind all of my honesty & my inspiration for every step I take in life. So before this turns into a shitty Live Journal entry let me stop now and just post what the heck I’m blabbing about! These are from 2009. Pen and Marker over images manipulated in Photoshop.

Tomatoes & Radio Wire Illustration to Neutral Milk Hotel: Two-Headed Boy "Two-headed boy There's no reason to grieve, the world that you need is wrapped in gold silver sleeves, left beneath Christmas trees in the snow"

Sunken Treasure Illustration to Wilco: Sunken Treasure "But there is no sunken treasure, rumored to be. Wrapped inside my ribs in a sea black with ink."

Lovecraft in Brooklyn Illustration to Mountain Goats: Lovecraft In Brooklyn ""Someday somethings coming, From way out beyond the stars, To kill us while we stand here, It will store our brains in mason jars."

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