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” When He Can’t Be, She’ll Take Care Of You”…funny, as much as I missed painting, it made me think of other things I’ve missed such as a seeing a good friend of mine. This is for her. (Unfinished)

When He Can'y Be, She'll Take Care Of You

“When He Can’t, She’ll Take Care Of You” UNFINISHED acrylic on 2′ x 3′ canvas


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I am not dreaming of a “White Christmas” but the holidays always makes me think of snow. I am ready for that first snowfall, and I know once it comes I will be ready for the last one as well! Due to my over-load of Christmas gifts to make this year I was unable to make the 2011 Hello! Snowman series, but, still I think all snowmen are awesome! Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

Hello! Snowman - Ready for a snow war! 2010

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The year 2006. I went to Paris for the first time. I fell in love with the culture, the city, the vibe, the art, the music, the food, the feeling, the…everything Paris was made of…and when I left, I think tears rolled off this cheek of mine because I did not want to leave this beautiful, magical, romantic place I call the verbal heaven.  A few months ago I was just laying in my bed listening to a mix I had in iTunes and Dent May’s song “Oh Paris” began to play and that feeling came back to me, so instead of tearing up, I decided to paint to the song with my emotions leaving Paris that day in 2006. One day I know I will make it back there, even if a zombie apocalypse breaks out.

Dent May: Oh Paris!

"Oh Paris, you've really done something to me, you and I seem to agree here tonight"

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This one is simple. It went like this *phone rings*  It is someone I know so I answer* “Hey what’s up sweet thang!?, Yeah… I remember you’re doing that…. wait STAR WARS?!? SEX?!?…you need a Star Wars Sex Themed piece of art by when!? A few days? Okay sure, do, let me see what I can create.  Yes, hmmm. p.s. I love you”

The Wookiegina By: Brandi Krackass

Pen & Ink over photograph 11″ x 14″

This one followed shortly after just for fun one day. Sexy Android Love:

Sexy Data-Next Next Generation "Make It So"

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On rainy days, my favorite thing to do besides pucker up & get kisses from my honey, is to put on some of my favorite tunes and just doodle. I never know what will come out of it when I start, but somehow my brain will focus on a certain verse or line in a song and it will entitle my pen to just make that lyric come to life, and by life I mean become a physical vision. Music is pretty much my lifelong friend, the truth behind all of my honesty & my inspiration for every step I take in life. So before this turns into a shitty Live Journal entry let me stop now and just post what the heck I’m blabbing about! These are from 2009. Pen and Marker over images manipulated in Photoshop.

Tomatoes & Radio Wire Illustration to Neutral Milk Hotel: Two-Headed Boy "Two-headed boy There's no reason to grieve, the world that you need is wrapped in gold silver sleeves, left beneath Christmas trees in the snow"

Sunken Treasure Illustration to Wilco: Sunken Treasure "But there is no sunken treasure, rumored to be. Wrapped inside my ribs in a sea black with ink."

Lovecraft in Brooklyn Illustration to Mountain Goats: Lovecraft In Brooklyn ""Someday somethings coming, From way out beyond the stars, To kill us while we stand here, It will store our brains in mason jars."

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