Glory Hole Hipster the Pitbull

Ah…birthdays, beacause I am broke as crap, I give my friends art for their b-days. Since I am on this skull kick I decided to draw her sweet little pitbull named Glory. Yes, glory is a hipster dog, she is also known as “Gloryhole” thanks to me being drunk the first time I met her.

Glory Hole Hipster the Pitbull- Ink on paper

By krackassart

I'm a full-time Philadelphian. My mind is very bouncy and my hands always anxious so I create things constantly. Not for money but for the sake of creating. Art, Music, Dance, Fart Noises, Bad name it, I probably do it. I'm also a full-time graphic designer/ web designer. I've got a border collie named Benny whom I spoil. I am Brandi Krackass, fuck yeah I am!

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