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Ah Yes. My Damn Art Blog by: BV Krackass

After partaking in the Philly Zinefest & having an awesome time laughing, drinking a 40oz with fellow zinesters and smelling hippie city body odor, I’ve decided to partake in the Scranton Zinefest with the same folks because I fucking loved it & my friends are cool too! As my last zine was a bit time sensitive, a play-off of the great Occupy movement, “Occupy My Cubical,” I could not re-use the same zine again. I’ve never been the comic-strip kinda gal, but one framers kind of like me as much as I like them, it is how I roll,  saying enough with so little to say. Right now I am just playing around with ideas. Luckily I am around funny people most of the time so it should not be long until I’ve got something solid happening other than a healthy poop.

Rough sketch of recent zine idea:

SHARKASM: [ To be confused with SHARKGASM if you’re anything like me. ]

SHARKASM: New Zine Idea

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