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Ah Yes. My Damn Art Blog by: BV Krackass

Oh joy to the holidays and paintings of pets! Can never have enough paintings of pets. Actually, that is a lie. There needs to be a limit between pet portraits and pet photos on fridge magnets. I think I saw more pet photos in tree ornaments this year than I saw of  family! Though honestly, I must admit, a border collie with a ball in its mouth is so much cuter to look at than grandma sitting in a recliner reading the newest ‘Readers Digest’ still squinting even though the font size is already 30pts.

Alas, to add to the collection of cheesy pet portraits, meet Willow the amazingly nervous Italian Greyhound:

Willow the Greyhound : acrylic on wood

Hope you all are having a great holiday so far! Keeping it safe and drinking all of the wine you received as a filler gift! I know that is going to be my activity until New Years!

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