Hell Baby “This Is All For You”

In contrast to the very joyous holidays, I still find Hellboy, as hellish as he is to be part of the Christmas spirit. Hellboy “Red” is a super cheesy comic book character but he’s got a charm about him that keeps me hanging on. Think about it, him and Jesus pretty much do the same thing, he protects our species with his passion and bad ass strength (and also a key to the dark universe that tries to destroy us #his arm). I give to you baby Jesus’s comic book companion “Hellbaby” He is so awesome he doesn’t need no darn shepherd!

Hell Baby 2011
Hellboy by Mike Mignola

By krackassart

I'm a full-time Philadelphian. My mind is very bouncy and my hands always anxious so I create things constantly. Not for money but for the sake of creating. Art, Music, Dance, Fart Noises, Bad name it, I probably do it. I'm also a full-time graphic designer/ web designer. I've got a border collie named Benny whom I spoil. I am Brandi Krackass, fuck yeah I am!

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