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Ah Yes. My Damn Art Blog by: BV Krackass

Christmas. The Season for giving. In my case, the season for creating. What I love most about this season is giving what I create. Rarely do I have a list to hand of things I want. I believe a gift should only be given if it represents the relationship between the giver and receiver. It shows you sincerely know a person. It’s why silly inside joke gifts are so precious. I have been doing this since I was born for my family and friends. I love being able to capture a moment we shared and visually present it in my own way. One time I made my mother this stop motion video for x-mas. It took a long time to make but in the end, it spoke the message I wanted to send to her and on x-mas morning when I saw tears roll from her face while watching it I said to myself “this is what Christmas is all about.” My brother is in the military and recently became a new husband. I now have a sister in law. I am painting for them a moment the three of us shared last year when were were stuck in a blizzard the day after x-mas, we took silly pictures in the streets. It’s in progress, I am going to have to paint the perfect snowflake.

Catching Love is like Catching The Perfect Snowflake

Art Gift Progress! UPDATES

Catching The Perfect Snowflake (almost complete)

Currently I am working on about 5 paintings at once! Today I started my mothers gift, her sweet little spoiled boston terrier whom I love named “Yoda”  aka “Little Crazy” will be greeting her in a painting this Christmas! I shall finish it pretty soon. I’m painting it on wood,  I can’t wait to coat it in gloss when it is finished!

A Yoda Terrier

I hope you all are doing special things this holiday for the ones you love! As crappy as it can be due to angry shopping cart shoppers, there is still time to personalize your items! Eff those shoppers! Make it worth smiling for.

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