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Krackass Art

Ah Yes. My Damn Art Blog by: BV Krackass

When I think of Life Aquatic, I think of happiness. Awkward happiness. This particular painting I made not because I am a huge Bill Murray & Jeff Goldblum/ Wes Anderson fan but more for the sentimental side of me. It was a gift to my sweet sweet penis machine, a.k.a my lover boy. This was one of the first movies we watched together while eating gummie worms, awkwardly getting to know each other through semi-questionable giggles. I remember thinking to myself “if he likes Bill Murray and Jeff Goldblum as much as I do, I think he is going to last longer than a Wes Anderson related one-night stand ”  and I was right, he could recite quotes from the movie and I learned not only is he awesome, but also, that I’m effing easy!

Zissou Eating Gummie Sharks

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