Hipster Art for my Hipster Hating Friends

So, I have this friend (who will remain nameless) that loves to come to Philadelphia just to “hipster watch.” Funny thing is, he does not realize that if another guy right next to him were doing the same thing, he would be asking my friend where he bought his Joy Division T-shirt or what his latest vinyl purchase was. For X-Mas, since he is a dear friend of mine, I decided to paint him some hipstermatic art that I know he will like. ( Hmm..I wonder why??) It was quite simple actually. I introduce to you…the Hipmulester!


Merry X-Mas you filthy animal!

By krackassart

I'm a full-time Philadelphian. My mind is very bouncy and my hands always anxious so I create things constantly. Not for money but for the sake of creating. Art, Music, Dance, Fart Noises, Bad name it, I probably do it. I'm also a full-time graphic designer/ web designer. I've got a border collie named Benny whom I spoil. I am Brandi Krackass, fuck yeah I am!

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