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Krackass Art

Ah Yes. My Damn Art Blog by: BV Krackass

I’ve not sketched with pencil in a long time before this. Then my buddy asked me to sketch his tattoo for him, a “giant squid attacking a whale” inspired by the band “They Might Be Giants.” I remember he asked me probably 6-years ago to do this but since sometimes my brain has – million things going on and disorganizes promises, it obviously never was done, until now. I must say I am really, really happy I did this finally because I had forgotten how much I love sketching and shading with pencil. It was a led-filled reckoning!

Squid Attacking Whale-Sketch

After this one someone else asked me to design their tattoo as well, so I did because I was super-addicted to doodling with pencil again! He asked for a Yoda with an “All Seeing Eye” and praying and he did receive!

All Seeing Yoda-Sketch

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