Boardwalk Empire Tribute Art

I am really sad that Season 2 of Boardwalk Empire has ended already! It seems like it went by too fast! But gosh, it was AMAZING! The more I thought about the show and it’s awesomeness, the more I convinced myself to do a painting in honor of the show I love so dear. I decided to go for an erie approach, much like the opening of the show should have been. I mixed my three favorite characters together ( Nucky Thompson, Jimmy Darmody & Richard Harrow)  in a ghostly setting on the Boardwalk of Atlantic City, NJ with their ghost spilling out of an old whiskey bottle.

Never forget Prohibition. How could you? No one was drinking. #badjoke

Nucky Thompson, Jimmy Darmody & Richard Harrow

Acrylic on wood. 16″ x 22″

Boardwalk Empire Tribute: By Brandi Krackass

By krackassart

I'm a full-time Philadelphian. My mind is very bouncy and my hands always anxious so I create things constantly. Not for money but for the sake of creating. Art, Music, Dance, Fart Noises, Bad name it, I probably do it. I'm also a full-time graphic designer/ web designer. I've got a border collie named Benny whom I spoil. I am Brandi Krackass, fuck yeah I am!

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