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Ah Yes. My Damn Art Blog by: BV Krackass

Yes! Like every other hipster in Philadelphia, I absolutely adore the Beatles, but I did not do this one for me. A friend of mine has a dumb Beagle whom I love to death. His name is Toby (named after Toby from the office, and yes, the personality match is almost exact) Anyways, my friend is also a Beatles fan and commissioned me to paint for him a Beatles Beagles painting. I said, “Fuck Yes I Can Do That For You”

Inspired by these pictures I have in my living room:

Beatles Umbrella Photo

I came up with this painting (using all of Toby’s faces for each Beatle expression)

Beatles Beagles

I know this is a weird image of the painting, a better one to come once I remember to take a picture of it next time I am over my friends house! It’s been a hard days night and I’ve been working like a dog.

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